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How do I cancel Core Health Insurance?

Cancellation Procedures

To cancel Core Health Insurance: 1) request a cancellation form from the plan administrator, and 2) send the completed cancellation request form to the plan administrator. Coverage can only be cancelled upon processing of the executed cancellation form by the plan administrator.

The plan administrator will respond to a request for a cancellation form made by telephone, mail, fax or e-mail as long as enough information is provided to respond (as explained below). 

Only the plan administrator can accept a request for a cancellation form. No one at this Web site (www.corehealthinsurance.net) nor the enrolling agent or navigator may accept a request for a cancellation form. 

INFORMATION REQUIRED - When making the request for a cancellation form, include the policy holder’s name and address, the policy holder’s date of birth, the policy ID number, the date the policy is to be cancelled.

TELEPHONE - (800) 279-2290. Leave a message if a live person is not available. The administrator answers telephone messages within 48 hours.

FAX - The fax number is (608) 755-7955. If cancelling by fax, you may wish to follow-up by telephone by calling 800-279-2290 extension 207 to confirm receipt of your faxed request.

MAIL - The mailing address is SASid, 462 Midland Rd #100, Janesville, WI 53546. If sending a request by mail, use delivery confirmation with the U.S. Post Office to ensure that the request is received at least five days before the billing date. If using an overnight delivery service, keep the tracking information.


Be cautious of losing coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. Core Health Insurance covers pre-existing medical conditions after the policy has been in force for 12 months. If coverage is cancelled it may not be possible to obtain immediate coverage for pre-existing conditions under another policy.

Credit for period of coverage under Core Health Insurance does not transfer to other coverage under a "Certificate of Creditable Coverage".

It is not necessary to cancel Core Health Insurance due to overlapping coverage. Instead, you may wish to simply reduce the cost and level of benefits by changing the plan to a less expensive supplemental coverage in order to preserve your benefits earned through prior time under the plan. (See additional information below).

For policyholder protection and security reasons, coverage cannot be cancelled based on a telephone or email request. Coverage may only cancelled through submission of a completed and signed cancellation form.

Mail or fax the request a minimum of 5 days prior to the monthly billing date to allow time to stop the automatic billing process. (The automatic billing date is the same day of the month that the 1st payment was made).

The cancellation process (for Core Health or any other insurance) is specifically designed to give every opportunity to preserve coverage and encourage longer term personal financial planning. The process is not designed to provide a quick method of stopping an automatic payment due to a temporary cash shortage.

Reducing coverage as an alternative to cancellation

As an alternate to cancelling coverage, it may be more attractive to change the policy from a higher level plan (Platinum or Gold plan) that might have been used as primary coverage to a lower level plan (Silver or Physician plan) as a supplement to other insurance. This preserves the increased coverage benefits earned by having kept the policy for a minimum of 12 months of continuous coverage. To change a policy, simple enroll for new coverage and then after the new policy is issued, cancel the older policy. You will not be charged twice for overlapping coverage. OnlineNavigator is authorized to help with policy conversion options but cannot help with a policy cancellation.

Cancellation Form

Please be sure to Include the policy holder’s signature on the cancellation form.

The completed cancellation form may be submitted by mail, email or fax with using the same instructions as above.

Once the cancellation form is received by the plan administrator, the cancellation will be processed before the next payment is due. Please be sure to give the administrator 5 days advance notice to process the cancellation and stop an automatic bank draft (if applicable).


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Multiplan limited benefit network
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Contact the Core Health Insurance administrator's office directly for all verification, billing and claim questions at (800) 279-2290. If no answer, leave a detailed call-back message.

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