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Can Core Health Insurance be used in a small business health plan?

Yes, small business employees and self-employed individuals often use Core Health Insurance in a variety of situations. Freedom Benefits offers SIMPLE Cafeteria plans to help small businesses incorporate Core Health Insurance with other health plan choices. The guaranteed issue feature makes this insurance popular with employers who wish to make the option available to all employees regardless of health history.

Core Health can be used in combination with other health benefits or as a stand-alone employee benefit. There are no 'participation requirements' as in other group health plans so that small companies where only a minority of employees want insurance are still eligible for Core Health Insurance.

Some have compared Core Health Insurance in a small business setting to the mini-med health plans offered in larger retail employers like Wal-Mart. While the benefits are not identical, the concept is the same - offer a trimmed down basic health plan to employees who might otherwise have no coverage at all. Those who may have coverage through a spouse can still use this insurance to boost the overall level of benefits.

When properly set up and administered, a small business health plan makes the insurance and the benefits tax-free to employees while also offering the employer a reduction in wage taxes payable.

The same issues regarding the use of Core Health limited benefit insurance as a supplement vs. alternate to major medical insurance apply to small business employees as other individual purchasers. Each employee who desires insurance coverage enrolls separately.

The cost of insurance may be paid by the employer, the employee or a combination of both. The employer may be the direct premium payer or may supplement the cost of insurance directly or through reimbursement at a later date.

The most common inquiry we receive on this topic is whether it makes sense for a small business without a health plan to consider using Core Health Insurance as a "starter plan". While there are merits to this thinking, we believe that the most important first steps an employer should take are to establish a flexible benefit plan for the business and then establish a funding plan (called a 'defined contribution  plan') even if the available funding for employee health benefits is minimal. At that point, each employee can make an individual determination as to whether this type of insurance makes sense for them. We do not think it makes sense for any small business to force a "one size fits all" approach to health insurance on its employees as some companies have done in the past. The recent implementation of health reform law makes this practice of standardized health plans obsolete for most small businesses.

For maximum tax benefits, employee satisfaction and legal protection, we strongly recommend that a small business formally adapt a flexible benefit plan prior to entering an agreement to pay for any employee health benefits. Assistance with setting up and running a small business flexible benefit plan is available from Freedom Benefits for a modest fee; typically under $150 per employee per year. See the small business pages at FreedomBenefits.org for more information.

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